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Hey guys, you managed to find my personal journal. As you can see, I've decided that there is no point in protecting the entries, so it's set back to public. Yay? ^^'

Seriously though, this is for entries that deal with my real life, compared to those that are on the specific topics of Gaming and Technology, that can be found on my blog at KAECY.US. You can also find my work on a games journalism site at GameOnYou UK, where as well as running the occasional story, I help the site administrator with design and functionality.

To the right is the feed from my personal site. Just click an entry and you will be taken to the full version (I always include a 'Read More' to keep the site looking less cluttered).

KAECYUS is the name that I go by on most sites; my livejournal just predates it. So, if you think I might be on the site you're browsing, but are not sure, search for 'Kaecyus' in the username. If I'm there, I'm on the site. So long as you don't spam me, I'd appreciate the e-love.

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